Masters of Divinity Degree -1995

Master of Arts Degree - 2011



Neurolinguistic Programming


Meditation and Mantra (Dr. David Frawley)


Tarot Consulting Certificate Course​​​ (TCCC)

Hospice Chaplain 1998-2013

Chaplain Training 1995-1998


American Academy of Psychotherapists

American Psychotherapy and Clinical Hynosis Association

My therapy style various shades. Now in my fifties, I am less patient with the blame game. Seems like today everyone is blaming someone for their woes. For me, therapy is about ownership. Some things are out of our hands, but what we do with them NOW is ours. This is called an existentialist. Next, I work closely with energy movement, spirit, and the unconscious. I value intuition, the unconscious, imagination, and synchronicity as vital aspects of personal growth and development. Third, I am a realist when it comes to the phases of life. Most of my career I've worked with aging, illness, and death. I do not fall prey to cultural illusions and denials. Death will come for all of us and much sooner than we'd like to believe. Contrary to wishes for long life, the average US lifespan is about 80 and in spite of diet and exercise. My therapy looks at life from its entirety. Last, I find that psychology alone cannot fully explain human phenomena. If we honor human experience, spirituality and therapy together offer us the highest potential for healing.

Kevin Quiles Psychotherapy

A Personal Note. I was born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico in 1963. I quickly left the little Island and ended up in New York City for the next 18 years. I eventually made my way south, where I have lived ever since.

Music has long been a favorite. : "Stairway to Heaven" is numero uno in my book. A former drummer and band member, I moved onto other things.

The spiritual journey is paramount for me. In fact, much of my career (clergy, chaplain) has revolved around spiritual work with patients and family members. What spiritual or spirituality means to me may differ from your own definition. But if you want to know, I value all faith and spiritual traditions and am especially drawn to the mystical, mythology, , the collective unconscious, the four elements in the Universe, energy, Spirit, and the ancestral.

I've traveled more than I imagined I would. Some via military. Other and more rewarding journeys include India where I have received training in meditation and Kundalini Yoga.