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  • Using the Tarot to Explore Mental and Emotional Patterns
  • The Tarot and the Couple
  • Is Tarot Compatible with Yoga?
  • How to use "The Conversing with Death Spread"

If I cannot draw or paint, but wish to help people tap into their unconscious to find, develop, and explore a spiritual path, sacred relationship, or career calling, what can I do?

I chose the Tarot cards, but not just any. Too many decks exist that have nothing but one person's unconscious imprint. I wanted one with history and collective power. After several years of study and research, I found a few that meets this criteria.

The Marseille and Smith/Waite decks. Passed through many hands and standing the test of time, these two decks attract the insight and creativity of the unconscious.

Repeat after me: No divination! Away with great claims to foresee your future. Insight? Yes! Synchronicity? Yes! Intuition? Yes! Divination? An emphatic no! There are no set paths, only opportunities.

Find your way out of this old stigma. You did so with dice and now you can enjoy playing a board game, right? Art in general offers insight into everyday life. Tarot teases your unconscious to provide valuable information stored deep within (not without).

As spiritual teacher, I wish to awaken your deeper self and help you find patterns--relational, spiritual, emotional, decision-making--that can make the difference in your present and future.

Resources for Study

Cynthia Giles, The Tarot: History, Mystery, and Lore

‚ÄčAthur Rosengarten, Tarot and Psychology

Anonymous, Meditations on the Tarot

Alejandro Jodorowsky and Marianne Costa, The Way of the Tarot

Having facilitated spiritual explorations over the past 20-something years with traditionalists, non-conformists (of which I am one myself), atheists, and agnostics I've grown convinced that Spirit however you choose to define it works heavily with art, which, in turn, latches onto the space known as the unconscious.

A great compliment to psychotherapy. A nice addition to spiritual resources. A friend to relationships.