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Conversing with Death Certificate of Completion  Program

Conversing with Death provides a one-of-a-kind approach that addresses both personal fears on dying and professional ambivalence when working with patients or clients. This educational and training can take place in person or through Zoom.

The three-month program consists of:

  • one-on-one and/or group training on Conversing with Death philosophy and exercises
  • relevant reading on the subject of death & dying
  • a "Story-Making" project on how you see death in your personal and professional life
  • daily journaling
  • a visit to a local nursing home and cemetery
  • two individual consultations to evaluate progress
  • a mentoring session
  • a final exam​ to demonstrate integration on the subject

What the Program Entails

What does this program offer? Conversing with Death provides a safe environment for an honest and courageous exploration of those secretly kept fears. Some of the questions the program looks at are:

  • How do I think I will die?
  • Is there a way to implement an awareness of my finality to live a happier and more intentional life?
  • How do my fears of dying influence my personal choices and professional approaches?
  • What are my reactions when someone--family member, patient, or client--is dying and why?

An Exploration Process

Cost for the Certificate of Completion Program: $375

Death Awareness

Conversing with Death is a psycho-spiritual perspective that respects all faiths and spiritual traditions and abides by the ethical codes of the counseling profession

A Unique three-month program for healthcare and mental health professionals that will change the way you think about death