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Poetry of  the Mind

I borrow some ideas from Arthur Rosengarten’s Tarot and Psychology and Katrina Wynne’s Transformative Tarot Counseling. Some ideas I record based on my own experience. Both are excellent resources for those wanting to develop the art of Tarot reading as a licensed professional.

                        Professional                                                   Therapy                                                                       Tarot Reading                                                               
                        Contract                                                     Consent Form                                                             Sometimes Consent Form

            Therapeutic alliance            Developing with an assumption of more time                    Short-Term with no guarantee of follow-up

           Therapeutic Position*  Varies. Each professional chooses a level of authority         Varies. Each reader chooses a level of authority.
                                                           Client projects a level of authority onto Therapist            Querent projects a level of authority onto Reader

            Style Administered**              Preferred theoretical orientation. Flexible                       Preferred method. Choice in Cards. Flexible

                    Focus                              More on therapist (transference) or technique                More on Cards. Some on reader (transference                                                                (possible performance anxiety) and therapist content,           reduced). More weight on internal querent’s  

                                                                  Interval focus on internal experience                                               internal experiences***

              Interpretation*                              Learned + Experience + Intuition                                        Learned + Experience + Intuition

             Future Prediction****          Based on statistics, learning, experience,                           Based on learning, experience, intuition,                                                                               cognitive scripts, cultural influences, intuition                         cognitive scripts, cultural influences


 *This could differ based on the style of one's theoretical orientation and/or one's particular discipline (i.e. psychologist and counselor).

**Statistics suggest that what the therapist claims as his or her theoretical orientation and how he or she works in the office are often incongruent.

***Weight on the querent’s internal experience dissipates if the reader takes on a divinatory approach.

****Prediction is a general word that could include anywhere from an educational guess to a specific outcome. In any case, predictions are more common in the human mind than we lay claims to, lay and professionals alike. In the professional field, the therapist bases (quietly or otherwise) an immediate or future outcome using apparent facts, intuition, faith in his or her theoretical orientation, and internal convictions based on personal experience. This is understandably suggestive and not revelatory, the former of which is also and often the case when the Tarot reader speaks of the future, such as in using the three card spread: Past—Present---Future.




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