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Most of us don't want to think about it. Knowing that we will one day--sooner than later--will breathe our last is bad enough. But contemplating our death?

And what if working with your own existential angst provided a deeper connection with your patients and clients that would, in turn, prompt them to face similar fears?

The ideal ego defends itself against intimations of impermanence and mortality at all costs. -- Stephen Cope


Conversing with Death is unique because of such a background of resistance. But what if a ongoing practice on your last breath could change the way you live today?


An Existential Application for Professionals

Developing a spiritual practice around our dying seems strange, but it isn't in other parts of the world. The Buddha and other religious and spiritual groups reflect on impermanence, some on a daily basis.

Oddly enough, benefits to such contemplation early on do exist. For one, you can reduce the element of surprise in end of life. Two, the theme can open up  much needed talks with family. Three, death awareness can help us to take less for granted and enhance a more moment-to-moment experience.

The Advanced Course is a one-day learning on how to apply Conversing with Death with patients and clients.

This Introductory Workshop is a two-hour presentation that explains Conversing with Death philosophy, theory and its simulated exercises. 

Cost: $55