Everything Is Energy

Upon my completion of training in Rishikesh India, the yoga capital of the world, I will be certified as a Kundalini Yoga Instructor with the Yoga Alliance USA.

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In my previous training in Varanasi, India, breath work, physical movement, and meditation were stressed as vital elements to one's well-being. But that is no secret. 

Pranayama, yantras, and chakra visualization and meditation are helpful for spiritual work of various kinds, a more balanced lifestyle, and mental well-being.

Coming in March 2019: Kundalini Yoga Training

A Holistic Approach

Everything is and functions with energy. Combining psychotherapy with energy work has never been two different fields of healing work. Only we have compartmentalized them. And by doing so, we have robbed ourselves of providing a framework that can meet the challenges we face. Kundalini and Kriya Yoga can add to the richness of western studies of the mind.

Kevin Quiles Psychotherapy