Kevin Quiles Psychotherapy

Poetry of  the Mind

Using Archetype, the Collective and the Ancestral to Tap into the Power of the Mind

Symbols and energy patterns that have had a universal space in the human mind play a tremendous and sacred role in meditation. Calling these resources forth can produce major changes in our lives. But like any source of power, you must tread wisely.

Tapping into Archetype


Meditation as Spiritual Practice

Mantras, chanting, drum work, and even candle lighting can heighten the practice of meditation. All too often we here of the scientific benefits of meditation. As true as it is, meditation's primary purpose is spiritual. Moving into the practice from this spiritual perspective can connect you with the invisible, the unknown, the divine.

Meditation practice has taken on shallow and diluted forms. In fact, it is a catch phrase. Meditation has a powerful ancient history that can shape our current lives, if we know how to connect with it.