Kevin Quiles Psychotherapy

Spiritual Carving is a style of therapy that involves mental, emotional and spiritual shifts to discover your own individual rhythm and dance with Spirit, earth and ancestors.

Shaping and Cultivating Your Spiritual Voice

​While the process of unpacking old patterns and perceptions can be strenuous, the rewards are invaluable. The feeling of space to move and breathe, a heightening of personal confidence, the excitement that comes from finding new vision, are just a few of the benefits that come from breaking the chains that have long kept you from dancing your way with a world beyond limits.

Finding Your Voice

Culture and religion have their ways of burying unique gifts and talents. Worse still, they judge as bad or wrong anything that doesn't conform. Spiritual Carving sheds light upon the internalizing of such critical voices and awakens you to new energies for seeing yourself in most assuring and empowering ways.

Play this marvelous piece "Machi" (medicine woman or man) by Peia Luzzi as she expresses her voice to connect with Gaia or Mother Earth.